Coonawarra Cabernet

The classic that ages better than any other Australian wine. Complex and structural yet delicate with finesse, Coonawarra Cabernet is the wine that has always expressed it’s unique aroma and flavours, one smell and instantly you know it is from Coonawarra.

An isolated country community dominated by soils formed over an ancient Limestone coastline. The famed Terra Rossa soils are synonymous with cabernet.  Cool climate cabernet is more aromatic fruit with purity and concentration, along with thicker skins providing complex tannins, rich colour and great length of palate.

A classic, never out of fashion.  Great cabernet is a wine that makes you think, complex tannin structure, length and amazing longevity.

The foundation for the next vintage, very important to set up vine balance, shoot spacing and more consistency.

Not only protects the architecture of the vine, but allows selective harvest of the best fruit, preserving the indigenous yeast population from the vineyard.

Tight grain French oak is more subtle and integrates into the wine better. French oak selected for cabernet is very structural, with only a small amount of new oak required so the expression of site isn’t overshadowed.

Traditional method of pressing reds.  Using slow leaching the richness of the wine is captured, without becoming bitter or needing fining. 



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