Tamar Valley Chardonnay

Good chardonnay is one of the world’s greatest drinks.  Complex and textured with incredible persistence.  The sulphide complexity on the nose of great chardonnay is reminiscent of fireworks and struck match with a tight lemon zest palate

Tamar Valley, Tasmania:  A separate island, located south of mainland Australia, surrounded by cold waters - its next neighbour is Antartica.  Famous for old growth forests, world heritage listed national parks – a truly pristine environment.  Not surprising the produce of Tasmania is incredible and well renowned.  The cool climate produces intense aromatics and concentrated fruit purity with delicious mineral acid.

Hand Pruning:  The foundation for the next vintage, very important to set up vine balance, shoot spacing and more consistency.

Hand Picking:  Not only protects the architecture of the vine, but allows selective harvest of the best fruit, preserving the indigenous yeast population from the vineyard.  The fruit arrives at the winery in pristine condition ready for whole bunch pressing direct to oak for natural ferment. 

Whole-bunch pressing:  Gentle pressing of whole bunches, with stalks providing drainage channels results in finer juice and good solids, these provide nutrient to the ferment and help build texture and mouth feel in the wine. 

Indigenous Yeast:  The most unique expression of that country.  The use of natural fermentation encourages healthy vineyard management to ensure good ‘bloom’ on the fruit. It protects the fruit during ripening – the resulting multi generation yeast fermentation improves the texture and mouth feel of the wine.

French Oak:  The tightest grain oak from France allows for a more subtle and slow integration of oak complexity.  The French oak selected for chardonnay is Burgundian and in a large ferment (500l barrels) to ensure the wine is not over oaked and ensure the hard work in the vineyard can be enjoyed.


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