Video Chats

During the recent CoVid-19 closures we had the privilege of chatting with some amazingly talented and clever people associated with Bellwether and got to share our Bellwether produce garden and campground.

See some of those interviews/tours/chats here.

. . .

Peter Freckleton: Bellwether Ant Series Malbec Grower - 21 May 2020


Bruce Redman: Redman Wines Winemaker - 13 May 2020


Stephen Jones: Bellwether campground March/April 2020


Dr Paul Smith: Wine Scientist - 9 May 2020


Frank Camorra: Chef/Owner Movida Melbourne - 3 May 2020


Coonawarra Cabernet Vineyard Tour with Sue Bell - 17 April 2020


Rob Bennett - Bundaleera Vineyard Tasmania - 17 April 2020


Tour of Bellwether's Produce Garden - 12 April 2020 

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