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As we source fruit from numerous regions, it really is hard to generalise, but on the whole I can say that Vintage 2016 was early, generally better yields than we have seen in a while and consistently warmer than average across the whole season, without any extremes.  Much lower than average rainfall was also a feature of 2015/2016 season, in some places the lowest on record.

Given all of this I am pleasantly surprised by the quality of the season.  We did a total of 65.5T, with just under 20T contract for local growers starting small wine labels.  I have long thought that warm weather around and after fruit set sets fruit up for exceptional tannins IF you get the season to ripen them, which this year we did.  The resulting wines have beautiful colour and tannins and were able to be picked early and in many cases at lower Baume than normal, which I loved.  It was early and short, but all round a season that kept growers and winemakers happy, which must one day also mean happy wine drinkers for 2016 wines.  We should also raise a glass that we escaped the impact of frost or bushfire this year - which I thought was a very real risk, so I raise a glass to the end of another year and wish those who had it tougher better luck next year, and now hope it pours to replenish the soil, water tables and our rainwater tanks!

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