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The Limestone Coast is an extraordinary corner of South Australia - one where farmers, grape-growers and winemakers are blessed with high rainfall, free-draining soils and abundant aquifers. Local eucalypts are huge, with scars from canoes made by Aboriginal people who lived off the land when it was swamp country. At Bellwether we love to host fun events, during the annual Penola Coonawarra Arts festival in May, this year come join our Hand me down Hoedown, later this year we will host an Asado  where you'll dine under the trees and make new friends with our local argentine friends who know how to BBQ. Sips in the sticks will return, an awesome lunch that brings together friends from across Australia. In July and October on the first weekend of the month we will host a 'Table of ten' an exclusive dining experience for ten people served by the chef and the winemaker.  We aim to have a few more music gigs lined up later this year too - so watch our instagram page to keep up.
A Bellwether event is a true country experience, allow plenty of time to explore the historic stone shearing shed where Bellwether's acclaimed wines are made.
The beautiful property unites local artists, chefs, gardeners, musicians, winemakers, photographers, travellers and wine lovers. Come join the fun.



Consider Bellwether for your next corporate get together mid week?  We’re always happy to help organise your team get together, we can incorporate visits to the caves, immersive wine education, sourdough cooking classes etc. Our food is healthy and you can attempt to solve the problems of the world over a camp oven and wine around the camp fire. Six seperate tents, or 8 people as individuals as two tents are set up as twin singles.

For help with any of your requirements | 0447 334 545 (often better to text as we are with customers or making wine!)

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