Music is back at Bellwether - C.W. Stoneking & Kelly Menhennett

Hard to believe it has been just over twelve months since we held our last music gigs last March with Fara and Dave Garnham. So excited to announce that we have C.W. Stoneking coming to Bellwether for this years Penola Coonawarra Arts Festival.  Perfoming Friday night the 14th May 8pm supported by our favourite singer/songwriter Kelly Menhennett who got us through lockdown last year with her virtual community Friday night gigs.  This will be one of those special Bellwether nights and we are selling tickets fast so don't miss out.  There is so much happening in Penola and Coonawarra that weekend, including two exhibitions at our place.  Cate Bell, local artist, graphic designer is exhibiting her paintings of our Flora and Fauna she has observed on her weekends hosting you here. It will be sure to feature some of the quirky characters like Gerado, our Highland Coos and Mabel.  Our neighbour Jo Edwards spent her lockdown on the farm with her family, making beautiful little pottery vessels, we are using them in our platters, so wanted to share her talents with you and promote her new found artist status. We are having a second C.W. Stoneking and Kelly Menhennett gig on Saturday at Noon if you can't make it Friday.


Tickets to Friday night have been released


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