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In a sentimental mood - Duke Ellington

20th July


'In a sentimental mood, I can see the stars come thru my room, while your loving attitude is like a flame that lights the gloom...'   composed by Duke Ellington in 1935, lyrics by Manny Kurtz.

With people bunkered down at the moment - either due to lockdown or winter weather, we are prone to indulge in sentimental thoughts.  A bit of winter jazz by the fire while it rains outside.

Last week we had a lightning strike that knocked our power box around, so we were without power for a while.  I found myself in the dark waiting for SA Power so using a computer on battery to respond to booking cancellations and credits and refunds as Sydney's lockdown was extended and Melbourne's 5.0 announced. It was a tad depressing, so I gathered up some tasting stock and went out to the camp kitchen to offer a glass of wine to our campers for the night to apologise for the lack of power.  We sat around the fire talking while they cooked and talked about our lives and travels.  It never ceases to amaze me how interesting people are - everyone really does have a story.  The campfire scenario seems to bring them out - you have the time, space, a bit of smoke in your eyes perhaps to be raw, honest, emotional and funny.  It simply is the best conversation, thought provoking and healing.

I've been meaning to write to you all, to celebrate NAIDOC week, share the joy of Ash Barty's win at Wimbledon, a magic moment in history.  What a bloody grounded legend she is.  

So here we are closed again, it's the roller coaster we are all on.  I don't pretend we have it any worse than many of you, especially those of you in Sydney and Melbourne.  After all I have a great supply of wine and veggies and wide open spaces - so lucky in many ways.  

We have grown at Bellwether

Don't forget we are cooking the delicious Malone lambs, salads from our garden and the best chimichuri again on September 5th Father’s Day Asado.


Sue Bell

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